samedi 2 mai 2015

April's blossom (film)

 Canon ae1-P 50mm
film: lomography 400

 "Black days of winter all were through, the blossoms came and they brought you
Clouds left the sky, and I knew the reason why
They made way for you and the blossom.

The seasons cycle turned again, an april shower now and then
Trees came alive and the bees left their hive
They came out to see you and the blossom"



samedi 11 avril 2015

Last remains of winter
Hobbit clothbound moleskine limited edition notebook which my boyfriend offered me a few months ago for my birthday ❤️
Quiet moment with my favourite grey purring thing on a rainy afternoon
Happy mail day!
Warm words from the loveliest russian girl ❤️

Spring remained quite shy these days. It's better to stay home, wrap oneself in blankets in the comforting light of my wooden house & spend time in between good books, notebooks, a purring cat and warm words from distant countries.

Canon ae1-P
50mm f/1.8
film: lomography 400

mardi 31 mars 2015

mardi 3 mars 2015

Digital storytelling- (2015 first part)

My favourite way to start the new year: tea & a good book on a cosy morning at my boyfriend's home

This camera is in phase of becoming a life long partner
Some of the books I had for Christmas (my mom knows me very well) filled with Scandinavian landscapes for the most part & one about Viking's history (my new historical obsession)

Enjoying one of my last free day before coming back to school. A quiet morning at home.
My 1st black and white film really to be developed

January & February 2015