samedi 23 janvier 2016

Finnish Lapland - part 2

Finnish Lapland (Korvala, 60km North of the Arctic Circle ; Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland capital, on the Arctic Circle)

vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Finnish Lapland - Part 1

 Finnish Lapland (Korvala, 60km North of the Arctic Circle)

A husky sled ride through the woods by -25 degrees, some funny Finnish track names, wooden cabins, endless snowy roads of Lapland, walking along the frosty and heavily covered with snow paths of a Finnish forest, the cuteness of a red cabin facing a frozen lake and the very special light of the polar night. A bunch of memories of my Finnish Lapland trip. More to come soon!

lundi 4 janvier 2016

Six new months of adventure are beginning now!

Calm days are over! There are two weeks of holidays left until the start of the Spring term. Tomorrow I will fly back to Sweden, but not for long. A big adventure to the Great White North is waiting for me these coming days. After a day in Stockholm I will hit the road again for some fifteen hours to eventually reach Finnish Lapland, where I will stay for five days. I can't wait to finally see those endless snowy landscapes with my own eyes after having dreamt about it for so many years.