jeudi 30 octobre 2014

The sea is calling- Seascape on film

Seashore- near Port-Vendres, France
Port-Vendres, France
Little Cacti- details from the streets of the Old Town in Collioure, France
Up to the Pyrenees Mountains
Cliffs near Cerbère, France
City view- Collioure, France
La jetée- Collioure, France
La jetée- Collioure, France
Clocktower of Collioure, France
Cliffs near Llançà, Spain

Cliffs near Llançà, Spain


The traveling bag- Beach of Llançà, Spain
Sandscape- Beach of Llançà, Spain
Little treasures & memories
Sunset near Cap Bear, France
Sunset near Cap Bear, France

The Temper Trap - The Sea is calling

Analog- Canon AE1-P
Film: lomography 400

mardi 21 octobre 2014

Indian Summer in Lyon (film-)

The place started to fill itself with the beautiful morning light as we arrived to visit it
A circular pink tower in the oldest part of the city of Lyon
Acardia- my beautiful friend reading french literature against an old fountain made of stone
The air still feels warm but the weakest leaves have already begun to fall
Green canopy
October is there and the first signs of autumn can be seen in some quiet and hidden places
An old botanic store in the main shopping street of the oldest part of the city
Museum halls & courtyards
Time for a break with some delicious iced tea in one of my favorite café in Lyon, after a long day of walking through the city